Steve Owens

Steve Owen-Martial Way-Wing Chun

Steve Owens, Lead Instructor

Wing Chun (this style has no belt ranking system)

8 years training

Steve Owens began studying Wing Chun in 2004, and spent the following three years developing the foundational skills of the art form.  In 2007, he joined the Air National Guard in Burlington, Vermont and served as a Crew Chief for six years.  During that time he studied Aikido for a year, but was then introduced to Sifu Daniel Leahy (through Martial Way) and returned to the study of Wing Chun.  Mr. Owens spent the next 5 years training under Sifu Leahy, and significantly increased his understanding of the art form and its application.  In total, he has spent a year in the practice of Aikido, and 8 years in the study of Wing Chun.