Drew Bloom

Drew Bloom, Honorary Lead Instructor and Adult Kempo-Jujitsu Program Director

7th Degree Black Belt, Kempo-Jujitsu

35+ years training

Sensei Bloom began martial arts training with Jiu-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do in 1984. Started Kempo in 1988. Cross-trained in Judo and Aikido. Police officer for 30 years, adjunct police use-of-force instructor certified in Control and Restraint, Ground Fighting, Straight Baton, Side-Handle Baton, O.C.(pepper spray), firearms, and patrol rifle tactics. Past member of Criminal Justice Training Council Use-of-Force Committee. Sensei Bloom combines a broad and diverse martial arts background with years of hands-on experience in self-defense, and specializes as an instructor for the advanced adult Kempo-Jujitsu students. While he has retired from his position at Martial Way, he serves as a guest instructor at Martial Way’s annual weekend martial arts seminar for adult members.