“David Quinlan and his team of excellent instructors create an analytical, inclusive and motivational training environment. Everyone from beginners to experts are consistently challenged. Keep doing an amazing job!”

Nathan Clarke Prentice (formerly) of Cambridge, Vermont

“I first looked into Martial Way Self-Defense Center because I needed to work on my physical fitness and self-awareness. I had become a lethargic couch potato! Also, I wanted a program that my whole family could benefit from. It was hard at first to find the time, but martial arts became such a good pastime that other less beneficial things (like watching sitcoms) became less important. My lethargic feelings went away with the great community atmosphere of the school, the exercise, and the feeling of having something to look forward to after work.

In less than 2 years, I’ve lost 65 pounds and regained my childhood energy. My wife has enjoyed it, too. She is feeling stronger and safer, and our son is more active, confident and respectful than ever before! I have recommended Martial Way to others and will continue to do so. The school is full of great people and we have made some great friends.”

Stuart Sawyer of Milton, Vermont

“I watched my kids take classes at the Martial Way Self-Defense Center for two and a half years before I joined. I saw the benefits, but thought I didn’t have the time. Now, three years after I started, I feel better physically and mentally than I did when I started. I am in better shape and enjoy the mental exercise, too. You forget about everything else while training at the dojo. I also have better strength and agility, and feel I can handle myself in an altercation, even though now I am less likely to get into one.”

Rob Mann of Colchester, Vermont

“In 1994, I received orders to take over as Officer In Charge of Coast Guard Station Burlington, Vermont. After my family and I settled in, I started looking for opportunities to spend quality time with my children. I was also looking for athletic activities to help keep those middle-aged aches and pains from catching up with me. I had always been curious about martial arts, had tried a few classes here and there, but never stayed with it. One day I saw the sign for a martial arts school and decided to stop in. After asking around and talking to the owner, Dave Quinlan, I enrolled myself and my seven-year-old son in classes. I liked the school’s philosophy of fighting as a last resort–I wasn’t interested in raising a bully.

I also like the secondary and tertiary benefits of the school. My son and I would benefit over the next ten years by:
1) Physical fitness – Approaching 50, I’m in my best shape since my high school track years. My son Tristan, at 16, is lean (but not mean) and strong, while so many of his generation are in poor condition.
2) Confidence – All the years of hard work are paying off. We know we are not invincible, but we feel confident in our capabilities.
3) Skills – Training at Martial Way has given us an activity that is both fun and worthwhile. We are getting a great workout, learning valuable skills, and having a good time together. We recommend Martial Way Self-Defense Center for the excellent instructors, great atmosphere, and the great people we have met.”

Mike Brosnan (formerly) of Burlington, Vermont

“I needed an activity in my life after quitting smoking, and I had always had an interest in self-defense. I had taken a few courses years ago and in the military, but I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do now! I felt comfortable at Martial Way right from the start. All the instructors were kind and helpful, and the classes were very beginner-friendly. The workouts are the perfect blend of exercise and fun! After a few months I realized how good this would be for my daughter so I enrolled her, and she loves it, too. The instructors are great with kids and you can tell that they really care about all of their students.

At first, I was concerned about the cost, but when I think about what this has done for me and my family, I know it is worth every penny. My daughter has gained so much confidence in herself in just a few months and I feel good knowing that she is learning how to defend herself. I give the Martial Way my highest recommendation.”

Bill Sioss of Milton, Vermont

“I had always wanted to take Martial Arts classes. Finally, at 33 years old, I decided it was time to honor this dream. After contacting a few local programs, I connected with Martial Way. I spoke with Dave Quinlan on the phone and was impressed with his down to earth personality and the personal attention he afforded me.

I initially started taking Kempo classes, which I truly enjoyed. Dave and his staff have a unique way of making new members feel welcome and not intimidated. As a director of an alternative high school, I appreciate those who have the ability to guide and empower their students. Dave blends a caring approach with a motivational and direct method of instruction.

As I progressed in Kempo, I decided to switch my focus to Mixed Martial Arts, with the intention of someday competing. Right from the start, Dave helped me set up a plan to achieve this goal. He developed a training program to maximize my strength, conditioning, martial arts skills, and mental focus. He met with me regularly to ensure that I was getting the results we expected. I followed this regimen and it paid off very well in competition. I was impressed with Dave’s ability to develop a complete, effective, training program, and his dedication to keeping me on track.

I believe that Dave and his staff have programs for everyone from the casual hobbyist to the intense combat athlete. Martial Way Instructors have the expertise and spirit to inform, instruct, and guide in a positive and outcome-based manner.”

Josh Cate of Essex, Vermont

“I had been an occasional runner most of my life, but was looking for something different when I started classes in Kempo JuJitsu at Martial Way Self-Defense Center.  My middle school students were taking Bushintia-Do classes from Sensei Quinlan, and he suggested that I might be interested in studying a martial art for myself.  I thought, “Why not?”

Over ten years (and a black belt) later, I can confidently say that I found what I was looking for.

Martial arts training is a complete body and mind workout, and while I continue to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a run now and again, it does not compare to the power, balance and presence of mind I’ve gained with martial arts.  It has given me a purpose and motivation to maintain my physical fitness, and I am a more well-rounded athlete as a result.

Dave is a supportive coach, a knowledgable teacher, and an inspiring martial athelete himself.  I’ve benefited from his conditioning and skill development programs, both as a student in his classes, and an individual athlete training for tournament competition or belt promotions.  Dave has always honored my motivation and desire to pursue excellence in a sport that is dominated by men.  I feel very fortunate to have trained with Sensei Quinlan and the wonderful instructors of Martial Way Self-Defense Center, and without reservation, recommend it to others.

It was what I was looking for over ten years ago and it sustains me today.” 

Nancy Keller of Saint Albans, Vermont

“Martial Way’s instructors are always very patient and attentive to the children. The class size is small and structured, so that the children learn martial arts techniques, while promoting concentration, respect, listening skills, and safety. The instructors are very creative with ways of keeping the childern focused and involved. My boys have gained confidence, while becoming more coordinated and disciplined as a result of their classes. We intend on being part of the Martial Way community for years to come!”

Christine Brown of Fairfax, Vermont